Wine Club

From R599per month, our clubs are a great way to stay well-stocked with great wine.

Authentic, artisanal wines, hand-picked by top sommeliers, shipped directly to your doorstep each month.

Choose among our three monthly club options.

1. Value

2. Premium

3. Drink like a `somm

Description of each wine club option

Value Club
(599 per month)

6 bottles Wines that give you the Best Value for money

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(1099 per month)

The wines the panel taste are all blind tasted. What is the purpose of this? The panellists cannot be influenced by a producer’s clever advertising or skilful marketing, or even its winemaker’s past reputation.

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Drink Like A Somm
(1400 per month)

DRINK LIKE A SOMM is a monthly 6-bottle selection of wine built around a monthly theme. Whether it’s an exploration of a specific grape variety, a tour of a classic wine region, or the best wines for the season, this club is great for anyone looking to start learning more about wine—or who simply wants to drink like the sommeliers do

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Wine Club Benefits

1. Free delivery of Wine Club monthly orders

2. Freen access to wine tasking tours at selected wine farms

3. Invites to special events hosted by levin

4. Levin Wine app